Worldwide attention for the FlowerTrials

With approximately one week to go, registrations for the FlowerTrials are in full swing. Remarkably 25% of all pre-registered visitors come from outside Europe. Within that segment, the top five countries are Japan, Russia, Iran, the U.S.A and Australia.

43% of the visitors come from hosting countries The Netherlands and Germany and 32% from other European countries with France, the U.K. and Italy leading the field.Anthony Collins, National Sales Manager, Ball Horticultural Australia: “The FlowerTrials is a key event in our seasonal calendar. It is certainly worth the journey from Australia to discover the latest products and innovations and see the very best in horticulture!”

The internationalisation of the event is also reflected in the participating companies and the assortment on display. Where the FlowerTrials originally started out with Dutch and German breeders opening their doors, now companies from Europe and beyond search for a presence in one of the regions in week 24. Exhibitors come from eight countries, including Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, The Netherlands, the U.K and the U.S.A.

One of the U.K. exhibitors comments: “The FlowerTrials is one of the most important moments in the season where we show our latest innovations to growers, wholesalers and retailers from across the world. The international scope of visitors to the week 24 event is certainly one of the reasons why we choose to take part.”

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