Web Shop update

There have been a few adjustments in our web shop.

Skonson Fresh Partners Webshop

After the login you will now find some new departments.

1 screen

  • Home, where you can chose the delivery date.
    • In some cases where you chose a delivery date too early or to far in the future, you might not see the order or stock lists.
  • Day Special, This is a new department where I show you items that deserve special attention due to their quality, being new in season or the special price. This is a stock list, when an item is sold out, it disappears from the list.
    • You will also see this list as a banner on your front page.
  • Decoration, Here you will find a broad assortment with dry decoration materials.
  • Fresh First, In this department you will only find items ordered direct at the grower. What your order is harvested on the day it will be shipped. The number if items shown in this offer depend on the time of the day. It will be the most complete before 6 AM Dutch local time.
  • My favorites top 50, Here you can see the top 50 of most ordered items.
  • New lots last 15 minutes, Here you will see the items in our real time stock that where added the last 15 minutes.
  • Order List, This is what was previous named Ew-flower This is our daily price list where you can place your order on flowers I will specifically buy for you.
  • Plants, ┬áThe plants we order, like the Fresh First list, direct at the grower. During the day the number of items can vary. This is due to the logistic fact that at a certain point we can no longer get the items in time to include to your shipment.
  • Real Time Stock, here you can find the flowers in stock in our coolers right now. Take a look here on the day your order is packed for last minute additionals, good offers or special assortment.
    • You can take items from this stock up to an hour before your shipment departs to the airlines.

You can make combinations in any of the departments for your order.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me.