Uhuru Flowers, Scented Roses for the wedding season

The wedding season is here, a time made special not only by the vows people exchange, but also by the different touches of floral designs that help make the day even more special. A good number of people would prefer having scented flowers during their weddings. The love for such flowers might be simply because scent is closely affiliated to memory, and fragrant flowers would easily make that special day have a lasting effect. We recently visited Uhuru Flowers, a rose farm located on the slopes of Mount Kenya.

Pink O’Hara
Established in 2007, Uhuru Flowers sits in a location with refreshing natural surroundings, and a beautiful backdrop of Mount Kenya to its South. It is a short drive from a small town called Timau at an altitude of 2,600m asl. On 17 ha, Uhuru Flowers grows and sells high end premium quality roses which include a special range of scented roses.

“Due to their sensitive nature, production of premium scented roses is not easy,” admits Uhuru Flowers MD Ivan Freeman. “That is why we have to be extra careful not only during the production process but also in the Cold Chain management so that the roses reach the final consumer in top notch quality.”

Uhuru Flowers maintains consistent production throughout the year and exports directly to wholesalers in 63 countries around the world. This covers Asia, Scandinavia, Russia, Middle East and Europe. Check out some of the scented roses grown by Uhuru Flowers that we reckon would be a superb addition to that wedding floral arrangement.


White O’Hara

White O’Hara – Garden Shaped rose by breeder Georges Delbard
White O’Hara

With a classic garden rose shape, White O’Hara has a large head and quartered petals. The rose opens fully to reveal an attractive scent and a distinctive ivory color in the center. White O’Hara is bred by Georges Delbard and stays at the vase for an average 7 days.

Mamy Blue

Mamy Blue – THybrid rose by breeder Georges Delbard
Mamy Blue

A deep purple color and strong attractive fragrance are two main things that set the rose Mamy Blue apart. At 2,600m Uhuru Flowers grows this flower with an average 60-80cm stemlength.

Pink O’Hara

Pink O’Hara – Garden Shaped rose by breeder Georges Delbard
Pink O’Hara

We thought this to be the ultimate bridal pink… what do you think? Pink O’Hara has a nice garden rose shape complete with 4 hearts and an attractive scent. She is also known to have a decent vaselife of at least 7 days.


Scenta – Garden Shaped rose by breeder Dümmen Orange

Scenta is a large head bi-colored rose with great fragrance. It has a good combination of lilac and beige , with a stemlength of average 40-60cm. Scenta is a variety by Dümmen Orange.


Vitality – rose by breeder De Ruiter

Vitality is a large flowered white De Ruiter variety with good fragrance and a hint of cream at the center. We especially loved the slightly ruffled petals that give it a unique shape. Vitality has an average vaselife of 7days.

Mayra’s Rose – Standard Rose by breeder Plantas Continental
Mayra’s Rose

Mayra’s Rose has a great shape and a light fragrance. This pink rose bred by Plantas Continental opens fully at the vase.

Uhuru Flowers at a Glance

Uhuru Flowers … home of scented roses
Binding and Packaging
Special sleeves to offer some extra care for the roses
From harvest
A worker harvesting Pink O’Hara at one of the Green houses
At the cold room… ready for export