Trend Forecast “Wild Botanic”

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Summer ’15 “Wild Botanic”

A shout out to nature, flowers and plants serving as our green lung: a vital feature in the indoor residential climate. Green as a power, green as a source of energy. As if we can capture the origin of this life source, presentations take the shape of a lab set-up. The presentations tell their own tale and inflict feelings of love and respect for nature upon the beholder. The used materials have an organic, sometimes weathered, or even clinically austere appearance. Plants are displayed in jars and glass; a more out-of-the-box solution consists of hanging moss, clasping the plants in mid-air. This enables the viewer to behold the arrangement from all sides. The used shapes are sleep and geometric as well as irregular. The same features are found in the design: sleep graphic patterns exist besides collections of botanic images. Altogether, this trend comprises our effort to unveil the essence of life by means of a motley collection of green.

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All materials are organic and some appear to be weatherworn. The natural materials can be rough and luxe, raw or polished and plain or hand designed. In our inventory are included: cork, oxidized metals, slate, linen, basketry, gold, copper, marble, artisanal glass, and handmade glass on ceramics.

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Corresponding to the materials, the shapes are irregular and handmade, sleek and geometric. Glass bells, pitchers, bottles, propagators and herbaria are combined with glass found in the lab: measuring cups, Erlenmeyer’s, and flasks.

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The used patterns are separated in two groups: natural versus graphical patterns. The first groups consists of leaf patterns, botanical motives and irregular spot patterns. The graphical patterns have a consistent geometric surface distribution.

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The colour pallete consists of organic hues, dominated by greens. A remarkable feature is the inclusion of black and white to ensure the arrangement stays fresh and powerful. Flowers in the composition have a white, ochre yellow, blue or brown red hue.


The background consists of plain colours and designs. Again greens are used to assure the natural appearance, but the arrangement will stand out more with a white background. Leaf and spot patterns can be features in the design.

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Arrangement 1

A summery rural bouquet with an authentic wild heath look. The abundance of grasses and camomile brings the organic and unforced features in the arrangement. The blue and white of the irises guarantees a bright and fresh appearance. Enjoy a summer without worries.

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Arrangement 2

A loose and powerful bouquet, the majestic appearance derived from the Eremurus, Hydrangia, Peaony and Anthurium. The use of additional leaves and grasses bring forth the organic appearance. Don’t hold back on contrast within the flowers; endless diversity will be the reward.

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Arrangement 3

Small mini bouquets with a big variety of different materials. Mostly one eye-catching flower combined with various types of foliage. The foliage is important because this will give the arrangement its botanical look.

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