The majestic sunflower!


Summer days become really festive with this Queen of the summer flowers

If you were able to crown one flower as queen of summer flowers, you would undoubtedly choose the majestic sunflower! Did you know that in the wild this flower turns with the sun during the day? It doesn’t want to miss a single ray … At night the flower turns back to the east again. We call this phenomenon ‘heliotropism’.

Colours and shapes

Alongside the familiar yellow sunflower, you also have the option of orange, brown, cream and dark red versions. There is also plenty of variety in terms of shape: there are sunflowers with large or small flowers, with a single row of petals or with multiple rings. Whichever you choose, the sunflower always guarantees a healthy dose of that summer feeling.


The sunflower often symbolises the sun and love. In Greek mythology the nymph Clytia fell madly in love with the sun god Apollo. Although Clytia was very beautiful, Apollo did not reciprocate her love. As a result Clytia died of misery, was transformed into a sunflower and constantly turns with the sun in order to be able to see her sun god. This cheerful flower therefore comes with a dramatic love story …


The sunflower originates from North and South America. Native Americans ate the seeds from the flower with beans, maize and pumpkins. Did you know that the official name for the sunflower is Helianthus, incidentally? A combination of the Greek words Helios (sun) and Anthos (flower).

Boeketinspiratie met zonnebloemen

Bouquet inspiration with sunflowers

If you fancy a cheerful sunflower bouquet, try combining a whole bunch of sunflowers with some dill. Very unusual! Sunflowers with Solidago, standard carnations and solemio carnations also look very beautiful.

And how about the sunny combination in the blue wicker basket? To create this, group a number of vases together with sunflowers, delphiniums, lavender, agapanthus, stock and Echinacea.