“The cycle is the same every year, but never becomes dull.”

The narcissus is spring

Every spring the bulb fields turn a cheerful yellow, white and orange. Narcissi as far as the eye can see. You never get tired of it: even the bulb grower who has been growing narcissi for over thirty years agrees. “As far as I’m concerned, that’s when spring has arrived.” To grow narcissi as a cut flower, the bulbs are brought indoors. The cultivation in greenhouses – forcing – means that narcissi are ready when we ‘feel like spring’.

Green shoots

“When the first green shoots emerge from the soil in the spring, it’s always a great moment,” says Cees Immerzeel. “But so are the growth period and the moment when the bulbs have been lifted and are back in the shed. The cycle is the same every year, but never becomes dull.”

Into the fields!

Narcissus grower Cees Immerzeel learned the trade from his father. “As a small boy I went straight from school into the fields. There was always something that needed doing.”

Flower time

“My favourite time is when we’re working with the flowers. From harvesting through to bunching – but I also enjoy a bunch of narcissi at home in a vase,” says Leon van der Zon, who grows Paperwhite narcissi. “I just love flowers.”


“When the sun’s shining and I’m walking through a field of Paperwhites, a sea of white flowers… That’s brilliant,” says grower Leon van der Zon. “The wonderful scent and the cheerful appearance always make me happy.”

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Origin, name

Loved & lost
The narcissus’ Latin name refers to a story from Greek mythology: Narcissus falls in love with his refection in the water. He slowly pines away and dies. A narcissus grows in the spot where he was last seen. If you really want to see narcissi growing in the wild, you should visit Spain or Portugal.

Did you know?

Paperwhite narcissi cannot cope with frost. Bulb growers therefore do not plant them out in the soil until spring. So don’t be surprised if you see a field full of Paperwhites in bloom in June. For cut flower cultivation the bulbs are moved to the greenhouse.

Availability & care

Narcissi are available from the start of January to April. Just like other flowers, narcissi like clean water and a sparkling clean vase. The narcissus’ unusual feature is that it exudes slime which can shorten the vase life of other flowers. You can avoid this problem by using special cut flower food for narcissi when you make an appealing spring bouquet using narcissi.


Longing for spring with Narcissus

With the cold winter still there we can long for the first spring flowers to show them selfs. Create an instant spring feeling by using narcissus and ranunculus.


Source: pureseasonalflowers.com