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For sharing stock, buying power and logistics, Skonson is partner of Barendsen BV.

Barendsen is a company with a long history, going back to 1915. Barendsen has acquired an excellent reputation over the years. For many years now, Barendsen has been delivering cut flowers – and many other products in recent years, as you can see on this website –  to customers in over 20 different countries. Our sales staff can speak many different languages; most probably also yours!

At Barendsen we always aim to get you the best quality available at a reasonable price, whilst offering you optimal service. The products we buy have to meet our stringent requirements; our buyers know exactly where to find the best products for you here at the Aalsmeer Auction, at one of the other leading auctions or directly at the growers. We care about quality; that’s why Barendsen is actively involved in several projects to better the quality of the product in the broadest sense.

Optimal service also means that we at Barendsen go to the limit to satisfy our customers. We can offer you a broad selection which we can deliver in every quantity or packaging. Our logistics have been especially designed to enable us to process even the smallest orders accurately. So not only wholesalers, but also retailers will receive the professional service they  need.

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