It’s been a while! I’m enjoying the last few weeks of sizzling summer heat here in New York, and I’ve definitely found myself walking more slowly and trying to smell the roses, literally. It’s the time of year when we want to bring a little of the outdoors in. There are some wonderfully inventive ideas in two newish books that are on my shopping list: Holly Becker’s book Decorate with Flowers  and the glorious first publication from the Flower Appreciation Society  which has beautiful illustrations and practical, fun tips for enjoying your blooms. Kick back and have a flick through.

Recently, I was chatting to Rebecca about the universal appeal of mason jars – and how they can often look fabulous –  but how there are so many other vase and vessel options out there to bring floral arrangements alive. In our homes, we probably grab from a small selection of vases to display our flowers. However, for a special event, there are some creative, affordable, impact-making alternatives to consider to add some originality to your event. Of course different blooms, venues and themes will suit different vessels and Rebecca can chat through some suggestions with you. In the meantime, scroll through some of these inspiring images and let your imagination go for a walk…as old Van Gogh once said, “Normality is a paved road. It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.” Perhaps its time to pack the mason jars away!

{Source: Vintage Whites Blog} A colourful, romantic vintage tin can help to define a theme and bring some individual character to a wedding or party. Scour thrift shops, boot fairs, your granddad’s shed and Ebay for interesting tins. My friend Victoria of ancienesthetique has some really great French tins for sale in her Etsy shop.

{Source: a new discovery for me, the absolutely wonderful florist Meg Edwards. Follow on Instagram! Now!} I scroll through millions of pictures a day on Instagram {I don’t post much myself!} and this one made me put my donut down. Imagine these stunning, textural arrangements at your doo, using a range of simple glasses of similar heights. These look like humble food jars; you could use old milk bottles, Korma paste jars, old Bon Maman jars…the point is they are not Mason jars! The arrangements are themselves the talking point – I love the peppers and carnivorous flowers with a few pops of Rebecca’s faves, the yellow bobbles of joy that are craspedia or billy balls.

{Source: Two Peas and Their Pod} Simple is so often best! I love how graphic and restrained the colour palette is in this image. It’s also the kind of arrangement that might appeal to an intimate wedding or party, where you won’t want billowing arrangements blocking the view of people across the table! In this case, the proportions are important – if you are using long stemmed flowers such as these {or sunflowers, alliums, calla lillies or similar}, choose tall vases that won’t topple or look stumpy. Rebecca can help you source vases like these. I also love how the log slices keep the table from looking too plain.

{Source: Sugar Rose Flowers via Ruffled Blog} The shadows on the table are just one of the pretty features of this display. This terrarium arrangement was created for a whimsical, boho wedding but it could look just as fitting at a slick City affair. There is no shortage of ideas out there on how to use terrariums in the home, but I love this option of fancying them up a bit with flowers {not the usual succulents or air plants!} and they would make wonderful gifts for your helpers. If you find yourself anywhere near Anthropologie’s gardening shop Terrain in Pennsylvania, check out their unbeatable selection of terrariums! I’ve picked up each and every one and they are all lovely!

{Source: Ivy, Pip & Rose photographed by the super talented Katy & Co} Rebecca keeps a huge stock of vases at home; some of them are pictured here, and I love the randomness of this display, which was taken as Rebecca was preparing for a styled shoot. This haphazard, ad-hoc approach could work brilliantly for a laid-back, chilled wedding. Notice that the blooms aren’t mixed up – this would look too contrived. Use whatever vessels you have to hand in your home and use flowers that you really love, or  that have special meaning to you, and you will end up with organised chaos that will complement a relaxed event.

{Source: 100 Layer Cake} Hunt down vintage brass candle holders, vases, bowls, jugs and bring them together with interesting textures to create an elegant and creative centerpiece. Its a stylish alternative to clear glass and would look great in a rather plain venue, drawing attention to the tables and floral arrangements. It’s true that achieving this look could be time-consuming, but Rebecca can help and its the kind of assemblage style that your friends and family can easily DIY. I love that a few nibbles fit around the display, because lets face it we all get the munchies during the speeches.

{Source: Ivy, Pip & Rose} Rebecca created a collection of little bouquets in tiny vintage glasses for a good friend’s London wedding. Traditional, seasonal flowers look interesting displayed in this modern way; the wedding reception was held in a beautiful pub so anything too overpowering would have detracted from the venue. Look out for a full post on this wedding soon!

So there you have it, floral friends. Until next time, I hope we all enjoy experimenting with displaying our blooms in interesting ways! Remember to follow Ivy, Pip & Rose on Instagram to keep up with Rebecca’s creations!

x Jo