FTA with EU benefited Colombian flower trade

The trade agreement between Colombia and the European Union extended the benefits for Colombian flowers that are exported to that market. According to Procolombia, flowers and foliage are the products entering the European market free of duty since the agreement became effective.

Germany is one of the countries that offers many business opportunities for Colombian flowers, particularly for heliconias, one of the favorite varieties for German consumers.

Procolombia has tools to internationalize these products and presents below some factors to take into account to export to the German market.

The contents will depend on the negotiation with the client. Flowers are sent in corrugated boxes with a protection cap to avoid damages inside the package. Boxes should have a special design for flower shops to use them. The logos of the flowers’ certifications should be included in the box design as well.

With regard to promotion, the company’s web page must be in English and it is important to have a German version too. The web page should contain information about the company, its capacity, certifications obtained and photos of its flower varieties in high resolution.

It is recommended to organize a show room for buyers to know the offer of Colombian exotic flowers, exhibiting different ways of making arrangements with them.

Before positioning the exporter it is important to position Colombian exotic flowers.

For example, working together with flower shops to make the flowers and their different varieties and colors known. The material used for promotion purposes must be in German.

With regard to clients, Procolombia recommends to plan the communication means to be used and appoint a contact person. Keeping in touch by telephone and email will help to solve problems easily and to deal with the importer’s complaints.

When the product arrives, follow-up should be carried out to verify the arrival conditions and if the schedule was met.

Constant communication with clients is advised to allow feedback regarding the new market trends.

Communication includes deliveries, samples, emails, calls, meetings and other means. A prompt reply and sound follow-up will guarantee good relations.

Producers must pay attention to the changes in consumption patterns. Consumers are always willing to try new things. There are colors, sizes and types of flowers that are more fashionable in certain periods.

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18:58 – Tue 31/03/2015
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Author: Translated by Daltry Gárate for Hortibiz

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