Fresh First

Our regular customers have had the possibility to buy directly from growers through our web shop. We call this service ‘Fresh First’. This concept is intended to strengthen the relationship between grower, exporter and customer and, where possible, offer superior and tailor-made service. Customers now have the option to buy directly from the source, i.e. the grower. This translates into even fresher flowers at even better prices!

Top growers
Every grower involved is a top-rate grower with excellent quality flowers. Each and every one of them was selected by Skonson because they deliver consistent quality, an essential advantage for all parties involved.

How does it work?
The flowers sold under Fresh First are available daily from 2 p.m. to 6 a.m. the next day. The flowers are removed from the Fresh First section of the web shop before the clock starts and a new selection is placed online again at 2 p.m. For example, after 2 p.m. on Friday afternoon, the flowers are sold under Fresh First and then removed again by 6 a.m. Monday morning. This procedure is followed the entire week. The order is prepared in the morning by the grower and transported to Skonson. Flowers don’t get any fresher than this! But that’s not all. Fresh First  offers you even more advantages when it comes to quality and logistics.

Want to know how you can profit from the Fresh First concept? The following is a list of logistical and quality advantages.

Quality advantages:

  • You order directly from the grower – your guarantee of consistent quality and freshness.
  • Flowers are 1 day fresher than when bought through the clock.
  • The grower guarantees excellent quality.

Logistical advantages:

  • You can buy merchandise in the afternoon for transport the following day. This gives you more time the next morning to sell the merchandise.
  • Prices are fixed for the next day, i.e. no more surprises at the clock.
  • Specific customer requirements can be met.
  • Fixed longer-term prices are also possible (in consultation with the grower).

Want to know more or are you interested in taking advantage of our Fresh First concept? Contact your sales representative or fill out the contact form and we will contact you as quickly as possible.

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