FloraHolland starts auctioning roses in a box

FloraHolland_starts_experimenting_with_auctioning_roses_in_a_boxStarting 27 August 2015, a number of suppliers will deliver roses in a box to the clock. This is a response to a need expressed by customers who buy roses and increases the efficiency of the chain.

The need to buy roses in a box was uncovered in a recent survey of the top 300 roses-buying customers of FloraHolland. The suppliers were already aware of this need.


Suppliers find the auctioning of roses in a box to be attractive because it involves less handling and reduces several auction charges, such as packaging hire and trolley levies. And the auctioning of roses in a box draws the attention of new customers to the supplier.
The customers will also notice savings: in terms of handling of the products and up to about 30% in the transport volume. Plus the auctioning of roses in a box produces a greater choice in the packaging of products that are sold at the clock.


The roses in a box are auctioned in the regular auction groups. The buyer can identify them by their separate packaging code 884, grading characteristic ’31 in a box’, the recognisable photo and the specification of a greater number of stems.


The initiative came from the Rose product market plan, which was prepared by the Rose product team of FloraHolland in collaboration with the FPC. The activities in the plan aim toadd value to the product group.

We shall evaluate the situation on a daily and weekly basis with our suppliers and customers. This experiment is meant to help us gain experience in offering greater choice in packaging at the clock.

17:49 – Fri 04/09/2015
Bron: FloraHolland