FloraHolland is no longer a shareholder of Decorum Company

As part of the FloraHolland 2020 strategy, FloraHolland is leaving activities that occur after the moment of sale to the market as far as possible. For this reason, FloraHolland is withdrawing from Decorum Plants BV (Decorum Company).

Decorum is a marketing and sales organisation with over 60 members (plants and flowers). Its aim is to improve returns for the associated growers and chain partners. One step towards realising this aim involves developing recognisable brands on the trade and consumer levels. These brands stand for guaranteed top quality, direct from the source.

This is in line with the aims of FloraHolland 2020. Decorum understands and supports FloraHolland’s decision to leave entrepreneurship to the market parties.

In a statement on its website, FloraHolland warmly applauded all activities that led to more consumers spending more on flowers and plants, and will continue to work closely with Decorum.