FloraHolland helps pop band with videoclip

Every successful song deserves a professional videoclip. As this videoclip is full of flowers, the band approached FloraHolland. The videoclip consists of one huge flower explosion. The recordings were done in the flower fields and greenhouses of FloraHolland members.

The styling designed by Sarah Dikker, winner of Hollands best flower stylist 2014, incorporated flowers from FloraHolland members too.

Flower promotion
A fantastic flower promotion action, fitting the FloraHolland 2020 strategy! FloraHolland’s aim is to get more consumers to spend more on flowers and plants. Young people in particular are a target group that finds flowers beautiful, but rarely buys them.

Watch the videoclip Flowers from Cat Benjamin here.

19:41 – Fri 17/07/2015
Bron: FloraHolland