Dutch flower catalogue soon as a mobile app

Searching for that one heart shaped flower for a wedding bouquet?​
Or that specific yellow seasonal flower for your spring arrangement?​
Curious about all newly introduced varieties?

Infoflowers offers it all! A simple and efficient search engine on your mobile phone to find that one flower you are looking for.


The product catalogue for cut flowers, often known internationally as the “Dutch flower catalogue”, will soon be available in a digital version too. Smartphone-equipped florists can download the catalogue as an app, which should come in very handy.

The aim of the cut flower catalogue is to support and facilitate the international trade and sale of ornamental flower and plant products. The Flower Council of Holland stopped producing the product catalogues for cut flowers, pot plants and outdoor plants in 2013, as a result of a policy change following a reorganisation.

The production and development of the flower application is being coordinated and implemented by Coöperatie InfoFlowersPlants U.A. The Infoflowers app will be available from 29 May and can be downloaded under the name Infoflowers at Android and Apple app stores.

The Infoflowers app is possible thanks to a grant from promotion fund Stimuflori, among other supporters. The Infoflowers project is widely supported in the ornamental flower and plant sector.

Significant benefits of the digital catalogue are:

– The product information is independent and not company-related.

– No registration required before use.

– The products shown are readily available on the market.

– The photos and information are easy to share digitally.

– The search function is quick and accurate.

– The photography is of a high quality.

– Flower names are available in many different languages.

– An update of the range shown is available in the app every month.

Following on from the app for cut flowers, apps for indoor and outdoor plants will also be launched later on.


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Source: http://www.infoflowers.info/