Daily Inspiration 14-10-2015

Senecio New Look, Amaranthus Green Spider, Amaranthus Hot Bisquit, Hedichium Fruits.

Green Pearl, Ruba Automn, Crocusmia Babilon seeds, Cape Cumosum.


Our first Italian imported Ranunculus for this season !


Underground treasures…

If you want to enjoy the earliest spring-flowering bulbs in your garden, the time to plant them is autumn.

Different pearls

These little ‘underground treasures’ – including snowdrops and crocuses – will be heralding the coming of springtime from late February to early March. Flowering right on the heels of these first-to-bloom bulbs are the most familiar bulb flowers such as daffodils, grape hyacinths, hyacinths and tulips. Joining them, however, are some less familiar ‘special’ bulbous plants that include Anemone blanda, Scilla, Puschkinia, Fritillaria and Allium. Each of these little underground treasures will emerge next spring.


Plant now

Spring-flowering bulbs have to be planted in the autumn because they need a cold period in order to bloom in the spring. The only rule is that spring-flowering bulbs have to be planted before the first frost. Although planting your bulbs as soon as possible after purchase is best, you can store them for a short time under dry, cool (10 to 15°C) conditions.

User friendly

Spring-flowering bulbs provide a huge range of colours, heights and flowering periods – plenty of variation to give free rein to your imagination. Everything you need to know about planting flower bulbs is given on the packaging. Nothing could be easier than growing flower bulbs and getting them to bloom. With flower bulbs, even the most inexperienced gardener can create a beautiful spring garden.