Daily Inspiration 12-10-2015

Germini Love me, Brassica Crane King, Rosehips Sunset HipHop, Germini Neruda

Myosotis, Scabiosa Cherry Vanilla

Giant pepper Mix, Tagetes Lime Green, Asclepia’s Heron Purple.

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FloraHolland: Less supply during September

The mercury rose above 20°C on just two days. Normally, there would be 10 warm days. Slightly more rain fell than normal, which made especially the beginning of the month very wet. In comparison with September 2014, the number of items sold dropped by 1.9%. Sales rose hesitantly by 0.4%.


The average price of cut flowers rose by 1 cent compared to September 2014, but 1.8% fewer items were sold. The Chrysanthemum group showed the largest decrease in sales, -24%. The average price and sales did rise (+10.2%). Freesia followed a similar pattern, a drop of 12.2% in the number of items sold and an increase in sales of 10.2%. Cymbidium showed a decrease in the number of items sold (-18.8%) and in sales (-8.7%). Hydrangea had the greatest rise in the number of items sold, +22.2%, and the sales also rose by 4.7%. Sales of Lisianthus increased the most in comparison with 2014 (+15.4%). The number of items sold of Alstroemeria and Gerbera rose slightly.


Last month we saw a drop in sales (-1%) and in the quantity of items sold (-1.3%) of houseplants. Fewer items of Bromelia were sold in September (26.8%), and sales dropped by 15.3%. The Rose and Other houseplants groups displayed a negative change in the number of items sold. The first group fell 13.1% in September and the second fell 13.4%. The sales of other houseplants dropped by 11% and of roses by 1%.
Positive changes were seen in the Arrangements group, with 37.2% more items sold. Dendrobium showed a positive trend compared to 2014. Last month 27.3% more items were sold, and sales rose by 19.6%. The sales of Cyclamen increased by 19.1% and of Anthurium, by 10.5%. A slight decrease in sales compared with last year was noted for Phalaenopsis (4.4%) and Dracaena (9.9%).


In September 4% less garden plants were sold. The sales of Buxus decreased by 18.7% and of Gaultheria by 16.8% compared with last September. A negative change in sales was noted for the Viola group (13.6%), Other trees/bushes/container plants (8.7%) and Calocephalus (7.7%). Sales rose for the Aster group by 44.5%, Other perennials by 18.8%, Cyclamen by 17.6% and Hebe by 14.7%. The number of items sold of the Other trees/bushes/container plants group decreased by 33.2%. Similarly, Viola decreased by 20.9%, Gaultheria by 4.7% and Other bedding plants by 6.3%. Aster on the other hand sold 50.2% more in September, as did Erica (35.9%), Cyclamen (24.4%) and Hydrangea (9.3%).

18:44 – Fri 09/10/2015
Bron: FloraHolland