Daily Inspiration 09-10-2015

Calla Auckland, Calla Captain Odeon, Jatropa FireCracker,

Hydrangea classic at grower

Tulipa Tom Pouce, Narcissus Grand Soleil d’or, Tulipa Rambo


Seringa Dark Koster, Eucomis, Protea King

Dahlia Karma Choc, Sandersonia Porugese import.

Cape green Pubescens, Hanging Amaranthus.



IFTF takes place from November 4-6 this year, as usual at the Expo Haarlemmermeer in Vijfhuizen. The International Floriculture Trade Fair has become a permanent fixture among European horticultural fairs. Breeders, growers, wholesalers and retailers are managing to find their way to the show quite well. A special florist event, IFTF World of Flowers, has now been developed to attract florists as well. IFTF World of Flowers is a collaboration between the IFTF and key sector partners.

The florist program was conceived by Florint (International Florist Organisation), Green Team Consultancy+, Oasis, Chrysal, Pim van den Akker and the Flower Council of Holland. “Together we looked at a specific consumer segment, the ‘millennials’: consumers between 19 and 34 years,” explains Michael Bourguignon of Florint. “How do they look at flower shops? What trends do they consider important? What does that mean for our marketing? We present all of those findings at IFTF, and we hope that will have its effect on florists’ way of thinking.

Over the past decade, particularly, florists have mainly emulated each other. What worked for one, the other did as well soon after. This came at the expense of creativity, while that is the very thing at the core of the florist profession. Customers do not ask for a brand at the florist. They ask that they are listened to, and they ask for personality. That is what we will be showing in the Flower Shop of the Future. A flower shop for a generation that is both willing and able to spend: studies show that this generation has, on average, three times the purchasing power of the previous one!

The event is being buoyed by the fact that Florint organizes its official annual Member’s Congress at IFTF. That brings a great many florists to the Netherlands. The bar has not been set too high, however, when it comes to the participation of florists. Four to five hundred florists attending the trade fair is the aim.