Colourful Easter!

Colourful Easter!

Create a good impression with your Easter breakfast.

Do you want to surprise your family or friends with a colourful Easter? You will impress them with our Easter decoration tips. Watch the video and find out how you can fill your home with perfume and colour from flowers and plants. From really easy ideas to tips which will take a bit more time and effort, there will definitely be a tip to suit you.

Video full of Easter decoration tips

Watch the video of decoration tips for Easter:

Please find the description of the DIY tips underneath:

Hanging flower eggs

Empty the eggs carefully, take the top off and make a hole on each side. Thread coloured ribbon through, fill with water and flowers such as Mimosa, Lathyrus, Ranunculus, Ornithogalum (star of Bethlehem) and Calendula. Hang the eggs on a branch. Lovely.


Colourful bouquet with an Easter border

For this decoration place a vase in a glass bowl. Fill the bowl with straw and quail eggs and fill the vase with water, Mimosa, Ranunculus, Lilac and Lathyrus in white and lilac. Not complicated but really festive.


Decorated Easter chair

A bit more work but a great effect! Create a chair sleeve from a tea towel and place glass pots in it, for example jam pots. Fill them with water and mini gerbera’s in different colours and lengths and enjoy.


Eye catching plant basket

Plants can also work well on your Easter table. Fill a basket with straw and a Codiaeum plant. Cover the sides with an Easter serviette and place a couple of chicks on the straw. Voilá: Easter!


Grass egg cup

Really easy and fun: grass egg cup. The only thing you need is the plant Eleocharis acicularis. You put one next to each plate, boil your egg, place it on the plant and there you have it!


Bulb on your plate

A bit of work but a good effect. Use tea towels as serviettes and place a potted daffodil in them. To make it a bit more festive just tie a coloured ribbon around them.


The end result!

Combine all tips above, and this is the result.



For all tips: ask your flowers or plants sales assistant for the flowers and plants you need. They can also help you with alternative options.