7 Beautiful DIY Flower Vase Ideas

We came upon these DIY flower vase ideas, each one of them with a catchy uniqueness to it. The best part of it all is that they are actually not so hard to create. All you need is a little bit of easy-to-find material, fresh flowers, an artistic mind and you are good to go! These vases are ideal for home decor. So which one is your favorite?

For the Polka Dot Vase (pictured right) You need to paint the bottle from inside, by filling it with paint and shaking the bottle. Once this is done, tilt the bottle to remove excess of paint. Let it dry. Now make the polka dots on the outside with holes in painters tape.

For a lacy look… Use ribbon, burlap and lace to give the vase the new look
Simple and easy yet very attractive… just dip the vase into paint or hand paint the base
Fill glass bottles halfway with water and hang them with rope ornately.
Use painters tape to make golden stripes on the vase and the result is a Gold Striped Vase
For this wood vase, cut slices of wood and stick them on a tin can, terra cotta pots or old pots
All you need for this metallic look is metallic paint, some vases and a creative mind