Online Ordering

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Web shop

Our online web shop enables you to order your products directly from stock. The system indicates which products are still available and you can compose your order on your screen.

Every day our buyers make sure that the products you have ordered in advance are bought fresh at the auction. But they always have their eye open for anything special and they often buy additional products which they feel are a good buy, or which they think may be especially interesting. These articles are put in a special ‘Daily Menu’ with pictures and prices and sent to our clients by mail as soon as possible. Through this mail you are linked to our web shop where you can see the number of items available and where you can make your buy straight from stock.

Take a look at our web shop, showing all our products with live pictures.

Go to the Webshop

If you wish to receive our ‘Daily Menu’ or do you want a log in to our web shop, please fill out the below fields and one of our sales staff will get in touch as soon as possible.

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